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Nemesis - The Beginning

The Nemesis is on the surface a modern day action adventure novel, in the vein of a hard edged and ‘darker’ Clive Cussler. However, it is also strongly about relationships and different views of the world and the institutions that govern us.

We could easily announce that “America has a new superhero and he is Hispanic!” but this is not the real message of the book. The real message of the book is that we should think seriously about what we instinctively admire.

William ‘Bill’ O’Brien is the hero and saviour we all long for in desperate times. He is handsome, intelligent, funny, considerate and loyal to his friends and willingly fought in Vietnam for his country. He also respects women and protects small children. Men respect and envy him and women adore him.

But Bill O’Brien is also a thief and professional killer with hundreds of deaths to his credit and he follows no rules other than his own. Bill’s credo is that the end justifies the means and he ignores all laws to achieve his objectives. Bill believes that he is above the law. He is either your best friend or your worst nightmare.

Despite Bill’s dark side we find ourselves liking and admiring him nevertheless and secretly hoping that someone just like him could be our saviour and protector in these troubled and dangerous times. There is no one we would rather have at our side when danger threatens, as long as he is on our side.

Liking and admiring Bill reveals a universal weakness in human character, a dichotomous approach to life and morality. We respect strength above all else and are willing to forgive almost any sin by those who protect and defend us and our way of life and our loved ones.

Bill is the dark angel; the ultimate arbiter of life and death; almost a God.

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