Author's cars


Standard Vanguard, 1949 model
My parent's first and only car and the car I learned to drive in. Right-hand column gear change plus the need to give hand signals with the same right hand in the 1950's/early 1960's, a real challenge!

Ford Anglia, 1958 model
My first car, light and fun to drive but unreliable. I eventually drove it over a cliff on Bulli Pass, wrapped it around a tree and wrecked it. A small misjudgement, trying to take a hairpin at 60mph.

Peugeot 403, 1960 model
My second car. Beautiful ride, seats that folded flat into a bed and weird column gear change. I wrote this one off after a week, wrapping it around a tree. Obviously, the handling was defective.

Austin Healey Sprite, MK 1 (Bugeye/Frogeye), 1958 model
My first sports car. Fun to drive and sounded great but seriously unreliable. It was only when I was repainting it that I discovered its previous hard life as a racing car. Traded it in after my first daughter was born. Though, before we sold it taking her for a ride at night was the best way to get her to go to sleep.

Renault R10, 1965 model
Tiny engine, skinny wheels and tyres, engine behind the rear axel and the tendency to pirouette on damp roads. Fantastically comfortable seats that (like the Peugeot) could be laid flat into a bed. Needed two bags of cement in the front boot to stabilize it. Traded it in because it was just too dangerous, especially in the wet.
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