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This is the first in a series of books about William O’Brien (Bill). Bill is biologically enhanced, rich, single, and handsome; loves children, would never hurt a woman, loves his country and is also a professional assassin and reluctant agent of the US government. Bill doesn’t believe in any rules but his own and in his world the end always justifies the means.

Bill’s comfortable world turns upside down when he discovers on a trip to Australia that he has a brother and that his affairs are not as secret as he had thought. Whereas he has always known that he is a biologically superior human being, he discovers that his birth was the result of early research by a Doctor Kurt Bachmann, a Chilean exile from Nazi Germany.

As the story unfolds Bill, and his newfound brother Andrew, are involved by the US government in a long running battle between it and Doctor Bachmann and his evil daughter. Dr. Bachmann has produced a professional killer called the ‘Foe’ who he is using to assassinate members of the US Government’s Iron Glove project. Bill decides to become involved when his brother reveals that it was Doctor Bachmann’s daughter, Marilyn, who murdered Bill’s parents.

Bill and his brother Andrew track and engage the Foe, the Doctor and his daughter from Washington DC and San Diego in the US to an Island off Chile and finally to the jungles of Guatemala where the final battle is waged.

It is in Guatemala that Bill discovers his roots. This is where the first story ends, (and the second one begins).

Setting: The book set in today’s world and the characters move from New York to Sydney to Washington DC, San Diego, San Francisco, the islands off the Chilean coast and finally the jungles of Guatemala. It is a setting of political intrigue, greed, power and terrorism; fast becoming a ‘normal’ day in our complex and troubled world.

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