Bill O'Brien, main character in Nemesis The Beginning

Bill O'Brien, main character in Nemesis The Beginning


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Main Characters

William ‘Bill’ O’Brien (not his real name) is the main character and hero or anti-hero depending upon your viewpoint. Early in the book we meet his supposed long lost brother Andrew and his chief adversary the Foe. The organization behind the Foe is run by the certifiably insane Dr. Bachmann and his beautiful but evil daughter Marilyn.

Bill and Andrew quickly develop a strong relationship based on their similarities (both are ex-military and highly capable assassins), differences (Bill is near perfect and Andrew is flawed or ‘more human’), identical sense of humor and irreverent opinion of the laws, institutions and bureaucracies of the modern world. It is their irreverent humor, moral standards and common view of the world that binds them into a tight partnership.

Marilyn is the most complex character in the book with a distinct love hate relationship with her father and a lust hate relationship with Bill. She can be both a cold blooded killer as well as a loyal and loving companion. Marilyn is also an extraordinarily successful businesswoman because she has never baulked at the glass ceiling, preferring simply to crash through and leaving multiples casualties in her wake. We find ourselves both admiring and disliking Marilyn as the almost archetypal strong and successful businesswoman who not only succeeds but dominates in a male world.

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