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A & J Taylor
Water colour on canvas board, framed. This is an imaginative recreation from an old faded and cracked 1922 photo of the author’s mother and grandmother. Done in a classical religious style. 56cm by 40cm.

Alien Garden
Acrylic on canvas board, framed. Brilliant colour and structure, 3-d effect. An exercise in imagination and colour – what would a garden look like on an alien planet? 31cm by 32cm.

A Summer Day
Acrylic on canvas board, framed. Colour, structure, light and shade. Imagine looking down on a modern city on a brilliantly bright summer’s day. The first painting in the summer series. 48cm by 38cm.

Chaos - Creation
Acrylic on canvas frame, 153cm by 51cm, unframed. Brilliant colour, depth and structure; 4th in the Chaos series.
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