Author's cars


Morris Mini 850, 1967 model
Fantastic little car, a huge revelation at the time. Stuck to the road like glue and had an enormous amount of room inside, a real Tardis. However, ultimately under-powered.

Morris Mini-Cooper S, 1275. 1969 model
A racing car for the road, even the traffic police drove them. Road holding, power, gear change, noise all excellent. I lost my license in this one. Sold it when I got a company car. Would love another one.

Chrysler Charger, 1972 model
My first company car. Everyone loved Chargers back then. Rode fine but the handling was a little scary in the wet if you pushed it too hard (as I found out).

Holden Premier 186, 1969 model
My first 'sensible' car, bought second hand with a lot of miles on it. Very comfortable tourer. I blew up the motor and then sold it.

Datsun 1600 Fairlady Sports, 1969 model
Bought it cheap second hand and then spent a fortune getting everything fixed. A much better car than the MGB.
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