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BMW E36, 316i, 1995 model
Bought for my wife. A fantastic little car. Built like a bank vault and never failed us. It wasn't very big but it was a veritable Tardis. The only disappointment was the small engine.

BMW 318ti Contour, 1999 model
Bought for my wife as an upgrade to the 316ti. A run out model with all the options. Like the 316ti, a fantastic little car. One of the most reliable and well-built cars we have ever owned.

Jaguar XJR 4ltr supercharged, 1997 model
A beautiful car with fantastic performance and all of the options you can imagine. However, dealer fitted options (like the alarm system) made it unreliable and I couldn't trust it. It once stopped dead on the freeway at 120 kph when the dodgy dealer-fitted alarm decided I had stolen it. That was a scary moment.

Porsche 968 CS, 1997 model
The best handling car I have ever owned. Beautifully built and engineered. However, I wasn't happy with the lack of performance (I thought 7 sec 0-60 was disappointing), the brakes (I had Porsche look at them several times but to no avail) and the weak clutch. I think I just got a Monday car.

Jaguar XJ8 3.2ltr V8, 2000 model
A beautiful car to drive and ride in. Built like a tank and never gave me any trouble whatsoever; very reliable. I regretfully sold it when I moved to the USA in 2001. A really, really good car.
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