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Yamaha XS500E road bike, 1979 model
Bought new in 1979 in Australia and took it to the USA when we moved there. A fantastic bike. Handled beautifully and was fast. I was doing 180km travelling from Dapto to Canberra when on assignment to Canberra. Sold it (regretfully) when we left the USA in 1981. I never came off this one. I would love to find an original model to restore.

Austin Healey Sprite MKIIA, 1963 model
Bought it for my daughter as her first car. A ton of fun but ultimately very unreliable. But, sounded great and felt great when driving, she loved it.

Volvo 244GLE, 1981 model
First company car when we returned to Australia in 1981. Very well made, great ride and handling but underpowered. An extremely comfortable and safe car to ride in.

Alfa Romeo GTV 2ltr 1980 model
Cool company car, envy of the neighbours. Beautiful when running properly but started to rust after a year (tailgate) and it had the same annoying gear change as my earlier Alfetta saloon. Loved it though.

Ford Cortina 2ltr, 1976 model
Bought for my wife in 1981 as our second car. Great engine and gearbox. It was a fun car to drive. In the end we sold it because my wife wanted an automatic car.
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