Author's cars


Datsun 1200 hatchback, 1969 model
Bought cheap second-hand in 1981 as a second car after we returned from living in the USA. Cute, easy to drive and virtually indestructible. Later gave it to my mum

Ford Galaxie, 2-door, 7ltr, 1970 model
Bought when we arrived in the USA as a cheap second car. A fun 'tank' with so much torque it could climb a mountain or a snow bank (as it often did). Bought for $300 and sold for $300 2 years later.

Ford Ltd 5ltr, 1978 model
Bought after arriving in the USA as our main car. Ex Avis rental. Comfortable but 'floaty' on the freeway; the bonnet used to lift and sway like a boat. A typical big American car of the time. Very reliable despite its Avis heritage.

Rover 2200 TC, 1973 model
My company car when we lived in the UK in the 1970s. Luxurious interior, sophisticated suspension, great motorway car. I set a few London to Sheffield records in this car

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.8ltr, 1975 model
Bought new when we moved to South Africa in 1974. Very fast but also very badly assembled; lots of stuff just fell off. Great engine, annoying gearbox (3rd to 2nd change). Regularly did 220 kph on the way to work in Pretoria
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