Author's cars


Porsche 924 Turbo, 1981 model
Tried the 924 first but it had no power then tried this and was hooked on the turbo hit. Extraordinarily well built and superb handling car. Could be tricky mid corner because of the turbo lag kicking in late. Got it up to 220 kph on a late night run. The faster you drove, the better it handled. However, the turbo was a pain because it was just air cooled and it eventually blew up.

Daihatsu Charade, 1988 model
Bought it for my daughter. A brilliant little car. Small, nippy, manual and great handling. Really fun to rive with its buzzy, vibrant little 3-cylinder motor.

Ford Falcon ESP, 4.0ltr, 1983 model
My company car when I moved to Burroughs. Cool looking but a bit agricultural and underpowered. Very comfortable.

Daihatsu Charade, 1985 model
Our second Charade, bought for my second daughter. Just as good as the first one. They really were brilliant little cars.

Holden VK Vacationer, 4.2ltr V8, 1984 model
First company car when I started my own software company (GMB) in 1984. Bought it because it was cheap and reliable and I needed transport. However, it was soon stolen and trashed by some young hooligans.
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