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Ford Fairlane 4.0ltr, 1985 model
We bought two new at the same time, one for me and one for my partner. Surprisingly, they were really good to drive and excellent long distance cruisers. My car had a serious problem with 'disappearing' brakes which Ford was unable to fix, my partner's car had no such problem. Thankfully, my car was stolen and stripped so I didn't have to worry about crashing.

Honda Accord, 1986 model
Had it for a short time. Well made but very thin body panels (tinny) and absolutely no performance. It was hopeless in traffic as it was too slow; lots of noise but no go.

Saab 900 Turbo, 1986 model
Bought this to replace the 924 turbo after I had blown up the turbo. Cool car, beautiful seats, great long distance tourer. had it up to 210 kph, very stable. Supposed to be very safe but when we hit a dog coming back from Queensland dead centre we couldn't open the doors. Safe but soft.

Jaguar Sovereign, V12, Walkinshaw, 1986 model
Bought it in England when we opened our office there. Beautiful car, one of the best I have ever owned. The Walkinshaw modifications transformed its handling; it ate up English back roads like no other Jaguar. Regularly sat on 130 MPH but fuel consumption was appalling. The windscreen wipers were rubbish; lifted off the screen at about 50 mph. Low cost motoring, bought it for 28,000 and sold it for 28,000 2 years later.

Nissan EXA 1.8ltr, 1987 model
Bought after my Fairlane was stolen. Cool little car and a lot of fun but underpowered. Very well made and reliable. Great gear change and steering, everything worked great.
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