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VW Superbug, 1975 model
Bought new when we moved to South Africa. Handling was so scary I sold it after a month and bought the Alfetta. Tough but noisy and awful handling.

Holden Sunbird, 2ltr, 1976 model
Bought new when we arrived back in Australia in 1976. Great little car let down by an awful and infamously unreliable 'starfire' engine. Spent more time at the dealers than at home. Sold it a few months later and bought a Celica.

Toyota Celica Liftback 2ltr, 1976 model
Bought after the Sunbird. Good looking, great little car and super reliable; would love to find one in good condition today.

Yamaha 250cc Trail Bike, 1976 model
My first trail bike. Great off road, a little risky on the road especially in the wet with the knobby tyres. Only had a small accident on this one; took a small chunk out of the back of my right leg.

Pontiac Firebird 5ltr, 1978 model
My company car in Quebec Canada in 1978. At the time I thought it was the ultimate cool car. A little tricky in the snow because the front acted like a snow plough but I loved it nevertheless. You learned quickly how to drive in the snow in Quebec City. Wish I could find one today in good condition.
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